smoke some pot
dude:we gonna burn today?
dudex:yeah dude, i got an eigth
by potheaed August 13, 2003
A form of tag, where the colors burn off the wall with complexity and intensity.
Look at that shit burn!
by RED December 04, 2002
v. to have sex so much you gain a reputation.
Oh James? No I don't go with him, he be burnin.
by _lovely September 05, 2005
a person who smokes marijuana
macka b, a reggae singer sang, "me luv luv luv luv luv luv the marijuana" - he is, undoubtedly, a perfect example of a burn.
by dan January 30, 2004
When a tagger's work of art gets erased or crossed out
"Man they ain't about to burn my shit."
by GReg.A May 22, 2005
something mr bigham did to marxsen in math class today. he called him a cock sucking teachers pet.\
by samdog November 10, 2004
To get playing time in a sport. Such as basketball, football, etc..
Yo that fool sucks. That's why he gets no burn
by Nick April 16, 2003
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