1. To diss someone so deeply everyone around you does that oh-so-familiar "OHHHHHHHHH!" in unison.
2. To beat out the competition.
1. Not another "yo mama" joke, what kind of a burn is that??
2. I burned Rafiki in those suicide sprints at practice today
by TFS July 24, 2005
means; fuck off and die, with less vigor.
king: well its time for your royal punishment seaworth' come this way. Seaworth: never you filthy wretch, you can burn.
by ysnhoj January 24, 2005
An extremely outdated and overused expression popularized by That 70's Show, used by dorks the world over.
Person #1:Oh burn!
Person#2:Go die!
by I got no pants April 20, 2003
An embrassing prank pulled on a friend or relative
by Emily February 17, 2005
To leave somewhere; usually in a rush. Often used like "Dip" or "Rollout".
"Somebody just called the cops, we need to burn!"
by JK July 13, 2003
1. to depart
see blaze
All right. Let's burn.
by Ryan Dawson January 09, 2005
1. Going up
2. to sell fake drugs or to take money without delivering a drug during a sale
3. to report a drug user or dealer to the police
4. to have a perfect mic flow
by VAKI5 August 20, 2003

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