When a guy fucks a girl over, usually promising her things so she will engage in sexual activities with him,and than leaving and never talking to her again.
Yo the other night at the party Mark totally burked that chick!
by captainships October 19, 2010
Top Definition
It is a term in a video game when a player me-lee's when he or she doesn't mean to.
Chris and Sean are taking turns playing COD
Chris:Why the fuck did you knife when there was no one there
Sean:Sorry Chris I burked again
by burkey mcburkeburke November 05, 2010
public drunk, or just extremely drunk in odd situations.
yo man i was so burked in school today! shit im still burked...

man i was burked in church so i asked for a second glass of wine!
The forceful act of a female taking advantage of a male who is already engaged in a serious relationship. This contact is unwanted and often involves alcohol or other mind-altering substances.
Yo dude, Mark totally got burked at the party by Molly.
by Sit0nMyThumb October 31, 2010
Being beyond the point of no return,the feeling you get after smoking some great Cali bud.past tense usages durived from the feeling of being high.

Made famous by Jay Cobain® Lost hopes™
I'm so burked, can someone please bring me back to reality? Better yet lets smoke some more!!!!
by JayCobain® LOST HOPES™ September 07, 2011
To be given a sleeping pill by someone who intends on having their way with you.
My ass is sore...I wonder if I got burked last night.
by JGibbles June 28, 2011
To get left out. To be intentionality avoided or shunned.
Man they burked me yesterday I called them like eight times to take me to the beach, and nobody answered.
by The Man is the man April 24, 2011
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