Burg is a negative way of describing a persons looks and implies that they are also fat aswell as ugly. It is an insult that if used directly at somone is only offensive to the femal gender. Some people also say that burg is an acronym for Big Ugly Rude Girl.
Person 1: Aw look at her, i'd give her one.

Person 2: You have no standards; she's burg.
by The Artful JDodger November 15, 2010
Burg is a word that is used to imply that something is bad.
It can also be used as an insult to call someone ugly.
'that was so burg'
'errr, that girls burg as fuck'
by the baitenator October 26, 2009
short for buger king
yo man lets go to burgs
by XzAlmighty February 21, 2003
a man near the age of 21, with uncontrolable gas functions. The creator of the sexual act known as "The Burg". this act concists of the doggy style possition while gripping the others sholders, and slamin the shit out of them!!
"who the fuck farted" "sorry man" "fuck that hella reiks, you stupid ass burg"

"hey baby, wanna do the burg"
by bry bry December 01, 2004
The term used to describe someone who is half neanderthal and half alien. The subject is covered in a plush furry down and likes to search local forrests for berries and rotten deer carcasses. Have been known to drive pink v-12's and say "get orf me" when you visit him in Maui. Is easily identified by his very small dog-like penis and his unusual green coloured musky man-goo.
You're Burg
by Walter Grismale July 01, 2004
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