to stick thumb or hand up someones cheese hole....usually with there pants on ...not literaly in the hole....
Man i burgled the hell outa her and made her scream...her butt cheeks were clenched so tight.
by Avery December 05, 2003
Top Definition
the act of climaxing (orgasming) and vomiting on someone at the same time.
A surprise attack.
Man! I burgled that biatch good last night! High Five!!!
by irene January 26, 2005
To Loot or steal items from a home or other private place. Used most commonly in britan to define robbery.
Last night all of my belongings were burgled.
by Dj_Squizzum August 19, 2003
collective noun for a grouping of bigfoots, as in a pride of lions, a crash of rhinos, or a float of crocodiles
We'd just set up our campsite when a burgle of bigfoots came crashing through the trees.
by littlefoots April 30, 2010
a funnier way of saying "steal", usually used in light conversation.

stems from the word "burglary"
Don't burgle any more of my fries!

He burgled my virginity.
by Mtown March 10, 2008
To steal or rob of; usually in a burglary.
Oh no! That thief burgled my purse!
by ac262 February 07, 2013
adj. To steal and eat somebody's burger.
He quickly burgled down her cheeseburger when she wasn't looking.
by i dunno iono oreo January 10, 2010
A teenaged mexican who frequents convience shops around midnight attempting to purchase booze with a fake copy of his passport (on white computer paper)... Most likely named Enrique...
Burgles (with all 13 40oz's clanking): Thanks, have a good night
Clerk 1: I think I just got "Burgled"
Clerk 2: Someone stole something?
Clerk 1: Nah i just sold 13 40oz's to some kid with a piece of paper for ID
by Matt Gwiaz November 07, 2007
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