A Vagina that burps air.
Person 1 : Oh dude so I was having sex with Kelly last night and I felt something come out of her vag.

Person 2 : Aww you got fucked... she has a burgina.

Person 1 : Ewwwwwww
by Fuckface611 November 18, 2010
Top Definition
A burger that is used to have sex with, so that it feels like a vagina.
Guy#1: Hey dude, are you hooking up with that chick tonight?

Guy#2: Nah, I'm probably just gonna stay at home and have a burgina.
by D-Stas April 12, 2010
Pronunciation of the word "vagina" when you are South of the Mason-Dixon line.
She was wearin' a skirt, an' I could tell she wasn't wearin' no panties. When she uncrossed her legs, I could totally see her burgina! I tell ya, I seen it!
by RogerH October 19, 2006
A burnt vagina.
1. "Rachel is burgina."
2. "That smells like shit"...
"Yea man, smells like burgina"
by the_prodigy March 09, 2010
An Eskimo's vagina
what does an eskimo woman have that normal women dont?
a burgina.
by TNIGS999 March 22, 2010
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