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"Burger Nipples" are nipples belonging to a female with a large (and often dark) areoli area, which makes them look like hambugers.
dude, that chick has byrger nipples
by Jamie W February 24, 2004
128 62
If a woman's nipples are very large & dark, they are often referred to as burger nipples. They are not considered attractive, although people who have them seem to think they are, as they seem to want to show them off often enough...
Ugh she had the most awful burger nipples I've ever seen...
by sexi lil sadie March 18, 2005
105 69
the circle of different coloured skin around the nipple is called the burger if this is incredibly large it is a burger nipple.
my old girlfriend had burger nipples
by hugh jass October 02, 2003
59 55
Nipples that resemble burgers. It will put you off take-outs forever if you see some.
Gerard: Eww, Deven has some fat burger nipples.
Frank: So does his girlfriend.
by Killer.Killjoy June 04, 2014
3 0
A fat girls nipple that is so stretched, it resembles a burger
Your mum has burger nipples
by OSKA Gang* October 20, 2004
30 49