Secret code or slang for marijuana. Mostly used in monitored communications such as company emails or mobile text messages.

See also burgers
1. "Please pack me a burger"
2. "I'd love to smoke a burger right now"
3. "That burger fucked me up!"

Other uses "burgerific", "burgerfied"
by Burgeriffic October 14, 2005
It's all we have in mind! We cook the best, you better get in line! Now put it on the tray, is it for here, or to go?

Any which way it tastes good, you know!
<Nephtis> I totally got hooked up with my beard burger and noodles today, dawg
<taco_fox> >:(
<taco_fox> fuck your burgers
by AltronHGX March 29, 2004
Weak, lame, clumsy, not slick person.
Expression: "He's a burger put the onions!" is said when encouraging your teammates (in a basketball game) to play hard defense or to go strong (to the basket).
He's such a burger, he approached her to ask her out on a date, but stumbled and fell on his ass.
by Stef "FobPower" De Clercq November 26, 2002
the long and usually soggy, hanging lips of a houndtype dog. also known as chops or canine niggerlips.
whatch out for Bruno, he'll drown you with his slobbery burgers.
by wikkdkitty January 25, 2009
a warm pice of thick meat trapped between to large brown buns
Me and my girlfriend had a burger for dinner last night
by creighton hottel June 25, 2007
made up word used by beefy meats and dose meaning a very sexy vagina seen from the back or side which looks like a burger
yo beefy check out that burga! czhyeaaaaaaaaa looks cosherrrrrr dose
by aaron aka (the black babe ruth) October 13, 2003
a word used to express anything or anyone
BURGER! my car died

ooo mom your such a burger

by bethany Horton April 04, 2007
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