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When a girl has an innie pussy, and it looks burger buns stacked on top of each other.
I ate out her burger pussy, there was too much ketchup.
#burger #pussy #vagina #ketchup #innie #katsup #red wings
by Mayor Lol January 28, 2009
Also a term of derision, along the lines of douche bag. Same concept of combining vagina and a food product, such as Twat Waffle. Can be used when joking with friends as well. This word was in use in Bucks County, PA as early as 1990 by high school kids.
"Don't be such a Burger Pussy and shut up!"
#burgerpussy #twat waffle #nipple dick #twatwaffle #douche bag
by TommyG21 April 08, 2010
A vagina with no actual visible labia minora, that hasn't even developed since it was a baby vagina.. and is left looking like two burger buns..
"That chick had a burger pussy.. there was no meat on that thing!"
#pussy #vagina #burger #fanny #buns
by Leslie 23456 February 02, 2013
A woman’s vagina when she lays naked on her side in the fetal position. Her labia form the buns and her clitoris (depending on size) and “meat” in the middle the form the hamburger patty.
Yo man, when I got out the shower I saw her burgerpussy and had to hit that shit!
#vagina #pussy #labia #clitoris #hamburger
by Auntielantnern November 13, 2009
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