When something is true, or accurate.
-"if you go to Briggs house watch out for the dementors"
#true #accurate #trues #anti-briggs #burds
by burdsburds January 22, 2010
Top Definition
scots slang for bird ( girlfriend!!)
did ya see ma burd fit aint she!!!!
by The girl March 18, 2004
A term to describe a female woman or girl.
Male 1: So are you & that burd goin out the night then mate?
Male 2: Aye, shes gonna get a right seeing to aswell.

'Phwoar, check the chebs out on that burd'
#woman #girl #girlfriend #partner #wife
by Jungle_Juice August 22, 2008
a mispelling of the word "bird" This mispelling is one out of affection for said bird.
"that's one fat burd!"
by Christina October 15, 2004
A word used to describe everything. Burd can either be a noun or a verb, and burdy is the adjective. It is a versatile word that is used to describe anything that has not word for.

It has similar uses to "derp". (ie, to derp around, a Derp. Derby...)
Person A: What do you want to do?
Person B: Let's have a party and invide those burds.
Person A: Sure, what should we do at the party?
Person B: I dunno, let's all just burd around for a few hours.
Person A: Wow, that's soo burdy.
#derp #bird #play #bored #name #turd
by Sebby-kun February 24, 2013
1: Marijuana.
2: The act of smoking marijuana amongst friends.
Burder 1: "You got burd?"
Burder 2: "Naw dawg, i smoked all my burd the other day"
#weed #marijuana #dope #drug #cannabis #burd #bird
by DarthBurder May 09, 2011
My best buddy in the whole wide world.
BuRDSs!! I love you =]
#burdy #buddy #bud #buds #friend
by Marilynonii June 02, 2010
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