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another term for boobs.
that chicks got nice burbies.
by DynoRyderX March 19, 2004
4 3
a: Extraordinarily rotund, elephantine, mastodonic.
v: (burbing) To inhale copious amounts of food IE: lard.
a: "Man, that burby is taking up the whole hallway!"

v: "Do you see that person burbing right through that lard?"
by Joshua Batson October 17, 2008
14 7
When you indulge in drinking over 30 ounces of sparking beverages that results in sometimes uncontrollable act of burping more than 4 times a minute.
Markus just drank a bottle of sparkling cider, and now he's finishing his 7th Izze!!! He's going to be really burb-y in a few minutes.
by Burb-y Man December 18, 2009
3 0
Conversation ruiner. Can turn a normal conversation into a trainwreck immediately.
Wow, she can't even hold a conversation. What a burby.
2 1