the official cltohing supplier of NEDS
oh theres a ned wearing burberry wot a surprise
by waaaay April 29, 2004
Vile. Worn by townie/scallies. Hideous pattern which, when warn, comes complete with bad boy accent "innit!"
"Ey like ma cap"
"aye tis burberry INNIT"
Both : "Aaaaaye!"
by Lauren January 18, 2004
Urban camouflage for townies.Was popular for elderly women to wear in the 1950s. Anyone who wears it nowerdays is automatically recognisable as a complete and utter cunt
Often shortened to "Burb"
Townie 1: D'ya liyk mah burb cap?
Townie 2: Yeah, fuckin bling man
Human: Wear proper clothes you arse, not 1950's women's wear.
Townie 1 & 2: COME ON THEN!
by Parge December 14, 2004
burberry:a type of checkered pattern often used on hats even clothing such as: tracksuits t-shirts trousers even socks.burberry is often copied by little cunts made by some fat bastard selling them out of the back of there corsa.burberry is a expensive make which is refured as "designer".burberry can be worn by anybody but often total dick,pikies,rude boys or just people who like the make not just wearing it because it makes them look hard
i dont understand why people hate the people who wear it i have a burberry hat its not fake it was 75 pound but the people who walk round like twats with there market gayberry hats yeah i dont mind hating them because they're a big bunch of fakes.
by callum_lu2 March 04, 2006
overpriced nasty clothing worn by english football hooligans and other morons so that they can identify each other and start fights.

some burberry wearers will opt for just a scarf or baseball cap - but there are a select brand who consider themselves to be 'pure' and will not wear anything else. often this leads to problems as without any means of identifying which football team they support 'pure' burberry wearers will end up getting the shit kicked out of them even by people who support the same team.
i'm not a hooligan, i wear it cos it looks smart

you're just jealous cos' you haven't got a baseball cap wot cost £90
by noodlé December 19, 2003
Clothing company owned by Argos-owning GUS.

(plaid is spelt p-l-a-i-d you numpties)
"Wow, no wonder GUS are trading high this year, they've tapped the market in Britain by selling townie twats burberry clothing and cheap, gaudy gold jewellery."
by Zippy November 01, 2003
a brand of clothing now only worn by townie twats
"merrrr, check out mi burbri hat innit, hey look at them fuckin goffiks wiv ther individualism, let's hate em"
by i hate you September 12, 2003

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