Clothing company owned by Argos-owning GUS.

(plaid is spelt p-l-a-i-d you numpties)
"Wow, no wonder GUS are trading high this year, they've tapped the market in Britain by selling townie twats burberry clothing and cheap, gaudy gold jewellery."
by Zippy November 01, 2003
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tartan for tossers
by add July 22, 2003
A way of identifying if someone is a complete wanker without even knowing them. If a person is wearing a burberry cap then you can be 100% certain they're a fucking wanker.
Let's play spot the wanker! Hey there's a ned wearing burberry, I win!
by The coolest guy ever May 11, 2004
Burberry is the maker of a fabulous double breasted trench coat that comes in Blue, Navy Blue, Black, and of course, Beige!
They tend to found in the hands of the world's miscreants: see the entries under
pikies, townies] and neds].
What makes Burberry far out is that they are also found on the backs or at least in the closets of the world's beautiful to MOST BEAUTIFUL women who know precisely how to wear their Burberry Treasure...
Women who own a Burberry double breasted trench coat in any colour they come in, wears them thusly; with the arms in the correct corresponding sleeves, with the buttons correctly fastened and the collar open or closed and turned up as befits the clemency of the weather;
The belt is also in use: buckled tightly to show the world her queenly 39.5x22x36 in. measurements with... Oh, Yes; Lynda Carter, when she was still making Wonder Woman, should have had one of these for when she had to appear as WW's Alter Ego Diana Prince instead of that tepid looking knockoff she actually did wear...
by J. Michael Reiter December 26, 2004
Burberry have fine British Tailoring, with exquisite pret-a-porter and couture collections, and became famous through their rain coats and suits around the turn on the century.

Unfornately it is commonly assoitated with chavs kevs slappers sharons and the general British lower class, becuase the chavs have adopted its signature tartan as their uniform.
(1) My delectable raincoat was tailored by Burberry

(2) Burberry is really cool innit. Gor i'm right classy if i wear Burberry. Everyone will fink i am rich
by PH December 05, 2004
Twat tartan for twats. Items of clothing such as caps that chavs must wear at a forty degree angle to their heads. Can be reffered to as "chavberry".
"Don't touch my burberry peak fucker, otherwise i will throw bottle-caps at you"
"I am hard because i am wearing a fake pair of burberry socks"
by Andy June 01, 2004
Burberry is a brand of clothing, usually worn by chavs. Burberry uses the tartan look. Burberry started out in the mid 1850s as designer wear for the upper class but in the present age it is not worn by chavs which is meerly middle class. Burberry has a big hate for chavs and trys not to sell their products to them. Burberry you see on chavs is normally counterfeited and Burberry is a hard working company, but fucking chavs spoilt it! Fucking dickheads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at me, i am a wanker and i wear Burberrins...
But i can't afford to wear Burberry
by Dominic Hunt January 03, 2006
Tartan for twats. Disgusting brown check-patterned clobber worn by tasteless morons (see townie) who live in shabby provincial towns like Staines, Basingstoke, and Plymouth, listen to mind-numbing dance/garridge/rap music, and hang around shopping centres in groups of about 27 (like their idols, Blazin' Squad) so they can safely beat up and rob anybody sporting long hair, jeans, and a Nirvana t-shirt "cos they're queer, innit!" Most members of the 'burberry massive' (regardless of sex) wear a cheap imitation type of burberry purchased at the local market for a fiver - if its the genuine article, you know its been stolen! The most common form of burberry clothing worn by the male of the species is a hideous brown-checked baseball cap, worn at a pointed 45-degree angle, designed to facilitate the headbutting of lamp posts/students/goths, as well as allowing them to see where they're going when walking with their heads facing the floor (to allow the easy discharge of chewing gum, phlegm, and/or
3 litres of White Lightening cider. In other words, a dole monkey's prison blues!!!
Moron 1: "Wot do ya fink of my boss Burberry threads!"
Moron 2: "Yeh, dats da bizness, now all ya need is the trakkie bottoms tucked into fuck-off big Reeboks an' you can join the crew, innit?"
Moron 1: "Yeh, maybe I should steal some like, ugh! ugh! ugh!"
Moron 2: "Massive!!!"
by Antitownie April 12, 2004
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