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anoother word for breasts or boobs used many years ago more popular from the movie blue lagoon
your not so perfect yourself mr richard lestrange I seen you playing with it and know what happens when you do it for a long time
no fair i never peek on you
thats a lie your always staring at my buppies
only cause they look so funny
my buppies are not funny take it back or ill never speak to you again
by February 09, 2009
1.) a portmanteau, or blend, of the two words, "baby" & "puppy".

baby + puppy = buppy

2.) What a child says when he/she refers to a puppy.

3.) A term of affection, or pet name, to call your loved one, especially a girlfriend or boyfriend
1.) I have a little puppy named Buppy!

2.) Ma ma! Look! A buppy!

3.) "I call my girlfriend a lot of pet names like cutie, snuggly wuggly, pookie, or buppy."
by thecupcakethief August 23, 2009
a term of affection, usually used by a girl in reference to a guy, boyfriend or close friend
"Hey buppy , when are we going to the movie tonight?"
by Lynsita May 26, 2008
Black Urban Professionals.
It's a variation of Yuppies(Young Urban Professionals) geared towards black young urban professionals.
I'm so proud of them! Their all buppies with corporate jobs and they didn't even finish getting their Bachelor's yet!
by V.I.P. JiGGa September 21, 2008
1) a bbq and fixin's buffet located in Bryan, Tx. Buppy is a mentally challenged ruhtard who enjoys eating skrimp and cronin around
Crone 1: Man I could really use some buppy's?
Crone 2: Sheeeee' I'm down for some feeeixxinns
Jabrone 1: Rim Rim
Puckered Swig: Where's my buppy? Yais
*smerks a berwl*
by Swiggie November 21, 2013
A baby puppy.

When Pear is added at the end i.e. "Buppy Pear," then it means, a baby bear-puppy.
Look at that siwwy buppy pear.
by PaddlesBed September 01, 2010
Alternative word for titties. Not as harsh as they word titties. Usually used by sensitive people that are sensitive to certain dirty words.
Boy- Send a pic of ya titties
Girl- I would like if you called them buppies, titties make me feel dirty and nasty.
by Hailey5t November 29, 2014
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