A vagina that looks like a bum.
all lips are inside, just the slit shows.
That chicks cunt looks like a baby's butt...
Oh, so she's got a bunt eh???
by Jeff Snow May 07, 2007
Inserting ones testicles inside of a womens vagina, repeat until you, or your partner is sufficiently satisfied.
I bunted that bitch all night long. Go bunt yourself.
by Robert, Nick, Brad, Mike, Hary October 23, 2008
golf term, means when you pitch onto the green you mistakenly land the ball just short, right on to the edge of the long grass making your ball roll farther than intended.
Man you got bunted bad, another 6" and that would have been right on the flagstick.
by Ed Womble March 09, 2006
A type of delicious, german cake found in the southern region.
Look at that lovely bunt, wouldn't you just like to lick it and smell it.
by Cack-Fanch October 14, 2005
1. A combo between bitch and cunt.
2. Someone who is a bitch and cunt at the same time.
3. 1/2 Bitch + 1/2 Cunt = 1 Bunt
Cheryl is being a real fucking bunt today. God I'll love kick her in the baby maker.
by Joe Nissim October 02, 2005
An extension of the stomach, usually tucked over ones jeans. Means "Butt in the front".
"Whoa, check out the bunt on that fat ass!"
by Chris_666 July 26, 2005
In baseball, an purposely weak hit. There are two types of bunts:

Sacrifice (sac) bunt: The sac bunt is designed to move baserunners over to the next base. Doing so requires the fielders to throw the batter out at first base. A suicide squeeze is a sacrifice bunt designed to score a runner.

Bunt for a base hit: This bunt has no real name. It is a bunt designed to cross up the fielders and allow the batter to reach first base safely. A drag bunt is pulled down the baseline.
Rivas bunted Stewart over to third base, butting him in scoring position with only one out.
by Diggity Monkeez March 14, 2005
Rymes with some funny stuff.
I ate the bunt cake. Impressed?

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