A vagina that looks like a bum.
all lips are inside, just the slit shows.
That chicks cunt looks like a baby's butt...
Oh, so she's got a bunt eh???
by Jeff Snow May 07, 2007
The action of a cat rubbing its head against an object or person.
The cat keeps bunting against my hand, making it difficult to type.
by blaidd January 12, 2004
a fart, also as a verb, to bunt.
(On smelling a stinker one has dropped) Allegedly I may have bunted.
by ultranormal February 08, 2010
A girl with an extra large camel toe; a.k.a an extra fat pussy.
Look at that girl's bunt - its bigger than my balls.
by Buntcake July 07, 2009
an ugly fat women.comes from a combination of bloater and munter
did you see that fucking bunt?she was cracking pavements as she walked
by ollie deezee January 03, 2009
1. An interaction with a member of the opposite sex that does not lead to hooking up but lays the groundwork for hooking up in the future.

2. Not hooking up but putting yourself in a position to in the future.
Dude 1: So did you get any on that date last night?

Dude 2: No but I did lay down a nice bunt.
by BadgerFox December 19, 2008
on a oversized woman just above the womans fortune cookie there's a seperate roll of fat.
Wow i wonder whats underneath that bunt?
by Nick920 July 10, 2008
An elderly, unsafe or slow driver that wears hats.
Bloody get off the road ya bunt.
by Neogie April 24, 2007

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