Defenseless prey, victim of a violent crime, target of a planned assassination. The usage is little known outside of Australia.
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Auntie (Tina Turner): First, no one knows you're working for Aunty. You hit him, you go. Second, it's a fair fight. And third, it's to the death.

Mad Max (Mel Gibson): Who's the bunny?
by lord viper scorpion April 17, 2009
A bundle of 10 envelopes of heroin. A brick of heroin.
My boyfriend got arrested after he sold bunnies to a narc.
by M'ar Shaa April 11, 2013
A man that dates Cougars
My neighbor is a real bunny, he's dating a 40 year old woman, though he's only 19
by Molly Manhattan April 17, 2011
a bunny is a sexy, intelligent, honest, caring, thoughtful beautiful white girl... one who may not sleep with african american males but doesn't mind being "friends" with them and enjoys listening to their culturally diverse music.. she steals the hearts of all the men that surround her and they cant get enough of her.. she will be there to lend a listening ear and will always have your back especially when you need a ride ( cuz you know the blacks dont own cars that run anyways)
"damn look at that bunny.."

"traded in my black girl and got a snow bunny."
by classy_bunny October 07, 2010
Two people who have sex in a park
Should we report the bunnies, or still let them have their fun?
by Shadow Rose August 20, 2006
shortened version of Doom Bunny

a beautiful, lovely, sexy, sweet young woman.

The girl of my dreams... *literally*
Kitty loves his Bunny!
by P T Kitty April 24, 2005
Bunny can mean God or the Devil

respective homes 'Meadow' or 'Burrow' represent Heaven and Hell
Bunny Damn it!

OMB! = Oh my Bunny!
by 78SilvAnniv February 01, 2011

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