Surfer slang for an extremely attractive female.
"Damn, check that bunny down on the other side of the beach!"
by Boglius April 13, 2013
Bunnies are cute and lovable girls. But mess with them, or one of their girls, and they tend to bite... HARD. They stand up for what they believe in and are always there for their girls. Bunnies are not Playboy Bunnies. Bunnies are what they wish they could be.
Damn those Bunnies are fine!
by Enalahs August 24, 2010
To hop from one person in a chat room to another, just using the first for attention
Rp guy: Hey cutie
Girlyboy: Hey!~
/guy roleplay joins chat/
Guy Roleplayer: Hey guys.
Girlyboi: Oh my.. Hey there stud~ * winks at Guy Roleplayer*
Rp guy: Wow, stop bunnying.
by Bunniboi April 13, 2012
Exhibiting the characteristics of a baked roll; Breadlike.
Waiter, could I have something bunny to go with the soup?
by rabbitguy August 01, 2009
To relentlessly fuck in a similar fashio to rabbits
"Hey Sally would you like to come over and bunny at my place tonight?"
by B3autiful 0blivi0n July 21, 2013
A bundle of 10 envelopes of heroin. A brick of heroin.
My boyfriend got arrested after he sold bunnies to a narc.
by M'ar Shaa April 11, 2013
A replacement for the word 'nigger' in an attempt to better your own vocabulary and stop offending people.
Stop acting like a bunny.
by An Angry Bunny April 15, 2011

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