A likeable female who is cute and sort of dumb but does not always know they are daft.

Sarah is such a bunny, but you just gotta love her for it.
by RICH CHICKS August 05, 2007
Evil creatures bent on world domination. The bunnies work with Britney Spears and they wear human disguses as McDonald's workers. They brainwash the workers of Walmart to work for less than minimum wage.
We must stop the bunnies and their plan to take over the world.
by Aeladya January 16, 2005
It's one of those things that hops and gets in the way of lawn mowers, what the hell did you think it was?
I saw a bunny the other day.
by minari-naga October 02, 2004
an online gamer, who, during firefights, jumps repetedly to make themselves more difficult to shoot
damn bunny! someone get that stupid hmg on him yea?
by Ilianivich March 15, 2003
A term used to describe an easy or 'gimme' type of situation. Became prevelant in bars describing girls who were easy to take home, and grew into sports circles. A 'bunny' is a 5 foot jumper, a 20 yard field goal, an open net wrister, or an infield fly ball. Easily made plays.
"We lost the game because Mike missed a bunny at the end. That dude sucks, I ain't playing with him no more..."
by bballjunkie August 23, 2008
A cute little furry animal that likes to jump and pounce. Non threatening and great to cuddle with.
Also, sometimes used as a name. When used as a name it normally represent a hottie who's got it goin on in all the right places. Fun and outgoing person who speaks their mind on anything and everything.
1: Look mom, There's a cute little bunny outside! Can I go play with it?

2: Damn man, did you see that hottie over there? She's a total Bunny!
by JenBaum February 02, 2010
A nicer, softer word for the female genitalia. A.k.a. pussy.
My gardener likes to give my bunny his carrot multiple times a day.
by fuckbuttons October 28, 2007
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