infamous computer repair geek residing on a college campus, usually asks for payment.
In her graverobbing, Bunny ganked the CD drive out of Dan the dyslexic wej's laptop and kept it for nearly a month; the Squirrely Wratch finally made her give it back,though.
by Bunny April 07, 2005
Sara and The Domo just love them. They're, like, the cutest animals, ever.
"I just LOVE BUNNIES!!! They're like the cutest animals EVAR!!!"
by The Domo February 07, 2005
A word to describe one's homosexual relationship with a man.
Sugar is Gaz's Bunny. He likes the cock!
by Gaz February 03, 2003
a hot momma who always wants to touch you... but for money
hey bunny i wanna touch that ass... oh yea thatll be 500 dollars
by Lex Miester August 04, 2006
A male who uses females for the fact that he cannot admit being a homosexual.
Bunny:A shag is a shag (which includes males obviosly)
by Mogz April 22, 2004
A fragile, tiny girl who is really shy at everything; she's that one girl who blushes all the time and/or hides lots of times.
(If you don't like anime, then you won't get it)
Girl 1: Aww! You know the new girl? She's such an adorable bunny!
Boy 1: Yeah! She's so cute!! What about you? Do you know her?
Boy 2: Yep, I totally wanna date her <3
Girl 2 (bunny): H-h-hi...
Girl 1: Hey! How's it going?
Girl 2: I-I gotta g-go.... *hides*
Girl 1: Awwwww!!
by cowtato September 09, 2015
When you pop a boner
Matts got a bunny
by Lyndseyl June 13, 2015

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