a name given to a girl that is like the rabbit in alice in wonderland. alice is the guy that follows the bunny down the rabbit hole :)
come on alice, go down the rabbit hole!
by anya the bunny December 19, 2004
A fine ass white girl who has either never had sex or has had it a lot.

A girl that you want to go talk to but it way to good for you.

A slutty stripper name.
Uhh uhh uhhhh...that little bunny over their is checking me out. Mmmm...I want some of that!

Look at that bunny over their. Damn, she looks good!

...you see that skanky ass sluty bunny. She needs to clothes her legs of put some material over that crotchless underwear she's wearing!
by Me February 10, 2004
(n) A tobacco cigarette.
Yo man, can you spare a bunny?
by 32 Bronxville Rd August 28, 2007
Something that is stupid and unexpected.

Pronounced "BUH-NEE!" in the style of the character from Nightmare Before Christmas who excitedly proclaimed BUH-NEE! upon seeing the easter Bunny.
There is no proper sentence structure for this word. It is a statement unto itself. Example: You see someone/thing stupid and you can't believe what you're seeing. You point at the person/event and proclaim "BUH-NEE!"
by R February 25, 2004
Term used to refer to White People when they are around so that They don't know.
The bunnies were off the hook last night.
by P Diddy April 25, 2003
Another word for a person's butt.
Jennifer Lopez has the sweetest pair of bunnies I've ever laid eyes on.
by Trishamak July 10, 2008
A gun a black market gun. Acording to family guy
(frist person)- hey did you get any bunnies
(second person)- do you need a jumping bunny (auto-mactic)
(frist person)- sure i would love a jumping bunny !
(second person)- deal is done i can deliver those bunnies in an hour for a price of course
by bobbi2199 June 27, 2007

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