a name given to a girl that is like the rabbit in alice in wonderland. alice is the guy that follows the bunny down the rabbit hole :)
come on alice, go down the rabbit hole!
by anya the bunny December 19, 2004
A vegan child or baby.

A child grown entirely from a plant-based diet.
Vegans are made fun of for eating like rabbits, but do they breed like rabbits? Well if they seek world domination they'll need to! Bring on the bunnies!!!

If veganism during pregnancy is unsafe, then sweet Jesus must've personally blessed and saved my bunny!

Awh, look at the cute little bunny.

I don't want to expose my child to food mutagens, carcinogens, or iron overload so they're going to be a bunny.

My husband and I kept having misscarriages so we decided to make a bunny.

My husband was infertile so we created a formula for a bunny and now I'm pregnant!
by Pennyfarthing December 26, 2010
A fan of the webcomic El Goonish shive
After reading through the archived comics several times, you may safely call yourself a bunny.
by Carean March 28, 2007
how you feel at a certain moment
I'm such a happy bunny right now!

That makes me a sad bunny...
by peachy January 21, 2004
The submissive partner in a monogamous male homosexual relationship.
Harry is Tom's bunny.
by demander January 17, 2003
A person usually metro-sexual male who lives in Los Angelos, works at a media or marketing firm, has a Prius and most of all has a large assortment of Apple products.
Women: Hey did you see that movie with Paul Rudd he has a good life!
Jealous Guy: Ahhh hes just a bunny with a taste for computers.
by Sarge8239 July 11, 2011
A fully automatic pistol
Dude they have semiautomatic burnas
so what I got this bunny 19 shots a second
by Xtensity February 13, 2008
Disparaging term for women who try to excel at certain sports.
Surf-bunnies, Skate-Bunnies, and Snow-bunnies ruin my enjoyment of alternative sports.
by one pin bun March 09, 2005

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