a name given to a girl that is like the rabbit in alice in wonderland. alice is the guy that follows the bunny down the rabbit hole :)
come on alice, go down the rabbit hole!
by anya the bunny December 19, 2004
Small, fuzzy rodent. Mostly black, white or brown, sometimes green. Highly aggressive.
"C'mon, pat the bunny!" 'Aaaargh! It bit my finger off!'
by theGreenBunny December 29, 2002
a cute fuzzy animal that can be very dangerous if chased into a corner. will most likely protect it's self with nails and teeth. BEWARE THE BUNNY!
boy: aw what a cute bunny
bunny: *bites boy cuz got too close*
boy: ahhhhhhh!!!! mommy!!!!
#fuzzy #cute #dangerous #adorable #mean
by wrath's girl February 18, 2008
To have sex in a variety of ways...over and over and over.

I.E. to fuck like bunnies.
Oooh, let's go play bunnies!

Ohhhh fuuuuuck. Let's play bunnies some more.
#bunnies #bunny #sex #fuck #fucking #abstinance
by Fucking Bunny God October 14, 2005
a girl who you will potentially approach.
Hey man, you see that bunny at the table? I'm goin' over.
by hazy September 08, 2003
A type of homosexual who is effeminate and soft and does not like hard core, brutal sex. Avoids bears (i.e. raging butch homosexuals) at all costs.
A bear loves nothing better than fooling a bunny that he's all sweet and then, BLAM!, that bunny is never quite the same.
by dabunnywhodabearcaught July 26, 2003
fuzzy, pet-able patch between a girl's legs. loves "carrots" and bounces up and down.
Her bunny is huge.
"that's my hungry bunny!"
"oh what a cute little bunny!"
#bunny #carrots #patch #bounce #up and down
by hypotrochoid February 03, 2010
A noun often used to describe the apocalypse of the Earth - proven by Monty Python and the Holy Grail and agreed by psychiatric madmen. Spelt in capitals to explain the inexplicable evilness of it. Sometimes followed by an twisted grinning emoticon.
Some Guy: Hey, how about dinner tonight? 8pm at L'Élégant Alimentaire?

Some Gal: Awww look! It's a cute wittle bunny wabbit!

Psychiatric Madman: ARGH! IT'S A BUNNY!

Some Guy: Hey dude, why don't you...


Psychiatric Madman: I told you so...I told you so...the BUNNIES are coming...
#bunny #apocalypse #monty python #evil #kill #destroy #bunnny #apocolypse #bunnies
by Dancing Lemon May 26, 2008
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