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a name given to a girl that is like the rabbit in alice in wonderland. alice is the guy that follows the bunny down the rabbit hole :)
come on alice, go down the rabbit hole!
by anya the bunny December 19, 2004
A fine white girl
Damn that bunny has a bottie on her!
by qole May 28, 2003
an online gamer, who, during firefights, jumps repetedly to make themselves more difficult to shoot
damn bunny! someone get that stupid hmg on him yea?
by Ilianivich March 15, 2003
Code word used in the episode of Family Guy 'There's Something About Paulie' for gun
Mobster1: I would like to purchase a "bunny".
Mobster2: What kind of bunny, a semi automatic "bunny" or a hand held "bunny"?
Mobster1: Which ever "bunny" is better for shooting people in the head.
by Ben-G September 02, 2005
A term used to describe an easy or 'gimme' type of situation. Became prevelant in bars describing girls who were easy to take home, and grew into sports circles. A 'bunny' is a 5 foot jumper, a 20 yard field goal, an open net wrister, or an infield fly ball. Easily made plays.
"We lost the game because Mike missed a bunny at the end. That dude sucks, I ain't playing with him no more..."
by bballjunkie August 23, 2008
a young naive girls, that are often cute, and soft personalitys.
guy1: haha aww look at that bunny shes so cute
girl1: aw hey guys <3
by Matt Bancroft December 19, 2007
A nicer, softer word for the female genitalia. A.k.a. pussy.
My gardener likes to give my bunny his carrot multiple times a day.
by fuckbuttons October 28, 2007
Small, fuzzy rodent. Mostly black, white or brown, sometimes green. Highly aggressive.
"C'mon, pat the bunny!" 'Aaaargh! It bit my finger off!'
by theGreenBunny December 29, 2002