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(colloquial, United States)

A "bunny run" is a short errand, usually taken on foot, with the purpose of accomplishing a single task at a specific place and then returning immediately to the point of origin.


Derived from the behavior of a rabbit in venturing out of its burrow for a purpose and then returning to shelter quickly.

The term implies speed of action, and can also be used to describe a short race.
Some examples of bunny runs include:

1. Taking a short trip to the store to retrieve a specific item and returning home

2. Leaving work to get a cup of coffee and returning to your desk

3. Leaving your campsite to retrieve wood from a specific place and coming back

Example usage: "Ross made a bunny run to the Kwik-E-Mart to get us a slushie."

by Cadill October 10, 2007
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