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A term used by gamers to label someone who constantly jumps during fire fights to avoid enemy fire.

It is used in a derogitory fashion to tell the person they feel they were being cheap and underhanded.
Easter aighnt for another month, sit down bunny hopper!
by Bluehawk July 17, 2004
A girl who sleeps with guys front to back. Bunnies hop from place to place, bunny hoppers hop from guy to guy. Meaning she is a whore/slut.
Guy 1: Dude did you hear about that one chick who slept with the quarter back?
Guy 2: Yeah man, she's such a bunny hopper.
by musicianandbassist22 October 26, 2011
Those players of online games that jump on the new game of the moment, every time, systematically, when a new game is released.
Gamer1: I used to play ffhhusxz online, but after 17 seconds of playtime I realized that was not the games I wanted, ffhhusxz is a fail game and over hyped thrash. BBshxz online istead will be the game of the future. the revolution.

Gamer2: what a bunny hopper, how can you judge a game if you play it for so little time...
by zuczullu July 04, 2012
a girl who gets with or has sex with 3 or more FBC members.
that girl is such a bunny hopper she banged swizz, c money, bowers, and nate
by what it is hoe August 02, 2007
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