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the most awesome burger in the entire world that is served at the red rabbit drive-in in duncannon, pa! made of beef, not actual rabbit. also the snatch of a playboy bunny (may be more attractive but does not taste half as good). also, may or may not cost less than $4.15 (the price of the actual burger, which is worth every penny). consists of a massive burger cooked in 'bunny dust' (a spice mix), shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, diced onions, bacon and secret sauce on a poppy seed roll.
me: hey, let's go get a bunny burger!
them: i only have a dollar
me: ok, we'll dig in the couch cushions until we find enough cash for everyone to get one!
them: ok, let's start digging! it's worth it!
me: red rabbit rules!
by from p.c. August 19, 2008
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