word for a tool of large magnitude
as bunnings is a hardware store with many tools inside it suggests that the particular person is greater than a single tool but in fact an entire warehouse full of a variety of tools
that guy with the trucker hat is such a bunnings
by papa gisep January 12, 2005
Top Definition
smoking marijuana
Mikey was bunning some pricey shit last night!
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
Putting one's hair into a bun
I was too busy bunning to listen to her.
by Gingivitis July 03, 2015
Similar to Definition 4 except for the fact that it is usually done between two males in which one vigorously Slides his penis in and out of another males ass crack until ejaculation. Various forms include the "Bunn(sin) Burner" in which hot sauce is used to lubricate the crack.
Kyle and Waldo had became bored with the traditional means of "Bunning" and decided to spice things up and try the "Bunn(sin) Burner" The two invited Big Mike as long as he brought the hot sauce.
by Runnin&Bunnin November 09, 2013
The art of putting a bun in the oven of a Lady. Usually done in a peugeot 107 by a guy named Matty Peth. A notorious layddiess man.
Me: Hey have you seen Matty tonight?
Robbie: No hes out doing the bunning rounds.
Tom: Oh great its my turn next!
by luvbeingbunned101 January 05, 2012
Inserting your penis into the folds of an overweight person's backboobs until ejaculation on the back of their head. Similar to a russian, but from behind.
She said I almost twisted her arm out of the socket while I was bunning her last night.
by Bergyzor January 08, 2009
With the capital letter, after Senator Jim Bunning:

1. A person who deliberately acts as a roadblock to legislation, ignoring the needs of citizens to put forward his or her own agenda.

2. A stubborn and selfish person who refuses to give others what they need for lame or selfish reasons.
1. We are being driven nuts by all the Bunnings in Washington.

2. My husband is a complete Bunning. He won't even give me five dollars for gas, because it may mean I won't be home to make dinner!
by speruoc March 02, 2010
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