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not good; lousy
by anonymous May 04, 2003
10 8
cheap marijuana
that was some funkety bunk
by jim March 03, 2003
14 12
unbelievable, crap, stupidity.
"Yo, that grade I got on my term paper is bunk!"
by HeveyMetil February 24, 2003
3 1
A drug that does not get you high.
me: Lets get some shit?
my sis: I bet you its going to be some Bunk beds! I'm tired of wasting my money!!
by mostwuntd June 19, 2010
6 5
A verb used for skipping (not attending) a class.
I bunked my math class this morning.
by copster October 01, 2007
12 11
something that tastes, looks, or feels like shit.
Damn, this chicken is bunk.
by anonymous April 23, 2003
6 5
SLANG; Fake, copied, 'bit', 'bitten', 'fake-ass'

Used a lot in California (bay area).
"that bitch is bunk."
"they bit that from someone else. that's bunk!"
"that mother fucker is bunk!"
"that's bunk!"
by NorCal Rob December 11, 2012
1 1