A total jerk or anything which is equivalent to "shit"
"Dude, You saw that guy with a fugly wig, he was a total bungus"
by An123 February 13, 2014
The fungus that grows on your bum. Bungus can be contracted from skanks, ho-bags, and gutter sluts. Particularly serious cases can cause small pink and purple mushrooms to grow on and out of the anus. It is particularly common in the city of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

The genital equivalent of bungus is jungus.
How's the bungus you got from that anal sex binge you had last month? Still on fire?
by I don't have Bungus October 23, 2008
The spot between your balls and your ungus.
While shaving my nether regions, I slipped with the razor and cut my bungus severely. Now I can't sit down comfortably.
by JD & MK February 14, 2007
A crusty, sticky, smelly, week-old piece of poop that is either lodged in ones bunghole or stuck in ones chonies and is currently rotting away in the bottom of your hamper.

A contraction of the words Butt/Bunghole + Fungus = Bungus
"I think you have some Bungus on your face, Todd"

"Hey man, can you give me a hand...errr...a finger, with this bungus? It's a real fighter!"

"Yup, I can wear these boxers again, they only have a bit of bungus on them....and...it's pretty fresh anyways."
by The Hunter May 28, 2004
piece of shit
i cant belilive you just ate bungus
by tobz June 16, 2003
A well known, normally reliable drug dealer, but lately not so much so.

Also the area in between the scrotum and the anal cavity entrance.
The area also known as grundle.
Mr. Bungus, is there fungus amongus?
by Captain Mutorcs March 29, 2005
very large

from 'gimungous' shortened to 'mungous' to 'bungus'.
That guy's forehead is bungus!

Paula got reported to the police because of her bungus collection of kittens.
by findus November 29, 2004

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