High grade of weed (reefer), usually from central / east africa
whats that smelling like Bungi
by Tabuley March 27, 2008
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an asian person originating from Bangladesh
bungi pride 4 lyf or bengy 4 lyf
by aznchik June 29, 2006
Anal Sex, or penetration of the anal cavity.
Death by bungi!
Dat bungi left yo dick all shitty mayn
by Dis Dik April 20, 2005
A plastic bag attached to a half cut plastic bottle used as a marijuana smoking device
take a hit from the bungi
toke the bungi
by Kyle Umgeher January 07, 2006
dirty person, someone who is hick like
You're wearing shitty clothes today, you look like a bungee
by Sigger June 05, 2003
A person of Arabian ethnicity.
Most cab drivers in NYC are bungies.
by dunny April 23, 2003
Bungi meaning Wanker
Stop being a Bungi Luke. or Luke is such a Bungi
by Az June 06, 2004

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