Abbreviation of Bunged up
*Sally gets beaten up by Mella*
Mella: "Haha, i gave you a bung eye.."
by kimmy booth May 29, 2005
What you say to you friend when, walking down the street, you see a foxy bitch......i.e. an indication to your friend that there is quality pussy in the immediate vacinity.
(hot chick walking on the other side of the street)
(your friend quickly scans around)
"yeah, BUNG!......for real"
by T.Bell June 02, 2004
To smoke marijuana, generally used for joints.
Oi bruv do u want to go bung a fat zoot.
by Nang Man September 07, 2005
Definition: engaged in coitus (with)
Root: past tense or past participle of 'to bang'
1. How many of your friendsters have you bung?
2. We bung all night long.
3. It's been a long time since I have been bung.
by Bill January 22, 2005
This originated from the movies including Jay and Silent Bob, It means, i have no idea what it means but i'm a rebel so i do not need to know a definition
by TheBullet November 25, 2004
Cantonese slang; a person who is an airhead and constantly makes silly mistakes, usually to the humor of the people around them
Person 1: I can't believe it, Theresa just asked me if The Martian was based on a true story.

Person 2: What a bung
by Hotszl July 13, 2016
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