To give someone a "Drink" i.e a reward for something
They said it couldnt be done but I gave him a bung
by paul-k January 22, 2004
to be of an extremely ugly nature. Can also be defined as 'bungled' and 'bungles'
err look at him, he looks bung!!!!!!!!
by image&mizage March 07, 2007
expression used after insulting someone
"That girl's a slut!"
by Ryan Run Tings October 11, 2003
Said when tired of normal words, often used in replacement of words otherwise well suited for purpose but the speaker is lacking in mental faculties.
Hey...hey...can you get that, that...that bung! over there?

Well that just bungs the whole thing up doesn't?

Shut the bung up!
by jakobowitz October 12, 2004
A bottle with a hole underneath where a bag is found which contains a drug. It is inhaled by lighting the bag and the fumes are released through the top.
There's enough bung there to kill ya' man!
by Mike Coley May 14, 2005
a moron who is a mean retard and has no life
you're horrible, just like bung
by joblo December 19, 2004
Poop, caca, Turds
Oh no! There's bung in my panties. The shame.
by Victoria Whiteanus November 26, 2003

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