It can mean anything you want. Can take the place of an adjective, noun, verb, etc.!
What the bung?" "You're such a bung!" "Dude, I am tired as bung!" "That was bungin' awesome!
by Billy Bendell June 14, 2010
(n) A nuisance or annoying person that tries to be nice but ends up frustrating whomever they are talking to. This Term first started on a CounterStrike server after meeting a person called Greg - BUNG was his alias in game and soon became a widely renowned pain
"That guy is such a BUNG"
"Oh my word, what a BUNG"
by Esteban Vihaio September 06, 2005
1)the hole in which poop comes out
2)your chum or buddy
My bung hurts.
Hey bung, wannna go bung up the car?
by Bunggggg July 27, 2004
to pass wind
oi fellas listen to this......'bung'
by trout May 20, 2003
Damaged or worthless state.
My house has gone bung.
by T Junior May 14, 2003
expression of extreme pleasure
ohhhhh, bung!
by BUNG! March 11, 2003
to have sex with a person
I bunged her last night, shes a slut!
by February 25, 2003

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