A friend, buddy, or just somebody you meet when your wasted on cough syrup.
Hey bung, lets go across the country on a killing spree.
by Ch453 August 14, 2003
something similar to the asshole or the ass hole itself
"dude that smells like bung"
by hollie and matt July 12, 2003
"bong" misspelled.
"Sounds like you've had a hot long night with the bung, Blotto!"
by fornicator June 15, 2003
To describe someone's ugliness, awkwardness or clumsiness
Your head looks bung
You are sooooo bung
That was so bung
by Bung'n September 09, 2013
Term to describe participating in all sorts of foreplay other then having actual sex. ie. Kissing, making out, handjobs, fingering, blowjobs, eating out.
-I want to bung because i don't have a condom.

-Don't interrupt the bunging sesh!


-I'd bung. all day. yeeeeee. ;)

-Justice what are you doing today?

...bunging? what else. She won't have sex -_____-
by maviric88 August 18, 2011
someone who has had sex with the lowest bidder
that girl is a bung
by william ba July 29, 2011
A combination of the words buff and hung.
I am a very bung young man.
by Trillness October 29, 2010

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