The past tense of bang.
Houston: "So all these girls just want to bang me"
Maddie: "Did you get with any of them?"
Houston: "I bung every last one of them"
by really awesome September 01, 2009
The past tense of bing. Bing is synonymous with "Google" when used as a verb.
Scotty told his boss to say "bing" instead of "google" and "bung" instead of "googled"
by tracksuitceo June 09, 2009
the past tence of "to bang" instead of banged.
i bung her. =D
by ethen770 January 22, 2009
To bang in the past tense ( not to be confused with banged or bunged ) .
"Oh my God is that a bung?"

"That's a lot of bunging. That's a lot of present tense."

"Wherever there is a present tense, there is a bung."
by Jadl17 March 03, 2007
word use to describe someone hurting themselfs by hitting a body part on something. for example:
"i bung my head on the roof" or " yesterday i bunged my head so hard, it really hurt"
by kIRSTYYY December 22, 2006
An odd looking body part, such as a lazy eye, club foot etc.
Did you see that freak's bung eye?!
by Hotncrzy March 18, 2004
something similar to the asshole or the ass hole itself
"dude that smells like bung"
by hollie and matt July 12, 2003

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