slacker term for butt, rear end, behind, ass...

Popularized on MTV's Beavis and Butthead in the mid-1990's.
I need TP for my bunghole!

DO NOT make my bunghole angry!!
by nicola January 23, 2004
some one lovely, intelligent and honest.
you can always trust a bung.

bungs are actually harmless but you shouldnt make a bung angry especially when they are moody, you will regret that.

worms love bungs.
there is no example for bung. its unique
by MOMO Worm February 05, 2010
An Indian Beverage containing some kind of cured alcohol and milk. Usually drank in low income areas due to its in-expensive, yet deliciously pleasing nature.
Leys drink some damn Bung yaar!
by !Tiza Fo Shiza! November 02, 2006
Commonly used asian term for lesbian butches.
omfg that bung there is so hot.
i'm dating a hot bung
by kojake May 10, 2007
1. bunghole- shithole
2. where the poop comes out
3. buttheads god
"teepee i need teepee for my bunghole give me teepee for my bunghole! bungholioooo ...are you threatening me?"
by nicole boofs cheese June 05, 2004
A round, tapered piece of cork or wood used to cap wine barrels. Inserted into the bunghole in which the barrel is filled. In recent years, the word now refers to any object inserted into the anus, i.e. buttplug.
My bung had splinters and I tore up my asshole.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 14, 2003
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