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The smell that usually comes from a person who has not showered for a couple of days (College students mainly). The smell seems to come from the area of the butt, crotch or Chode!
Dude! You smell straight funky. Like Day old Bung Cheese!!!
by Jager Monstrosity September 15, 2007
A yellowish-white substance formed while having anal sex, similar to smegma.
While banging her butt, I noticed some bungcheese on my schlong.
by John Brabble June 24, 2005
A word describing someone stupid or idiotic. Can also be used as poop full of cheese from last night's cheesasaurus rex.
"Oh my god, you god dang bungcheese!"
"Don't go in there, John..I dropped a load of bungcheese."
by KYLegummybear January 08, 2008
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