To score four Touchdowns (or Goals) in one game. (Usually Football) Named for Polk High's greatest athlete.
I had the hat trick, but I wanted one more for the Bundy.

Al might sell shoes now, but in high school one time he scored a Bundy.
by Fat Eric Buchanan March 07, 2007
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An individuals life that consists of nothing. A pathetic excuse for a human life, and a social outcast.
"hey look at that bundy","don't even waste your breath on it".
by wayne and luke November 26, 2004
Verb,t: To plug up the toilet. The character Al Bundy, played by Ed O'Neil in the 90's sitcom "Married with Children" almost always plugged the toilet when he moved his bowels.
I'm so sorry... I've Bundy'd your toilet! Got a plunger?
by Etch July 19, 2006
Bundaberg Rum. From Queensland, Australia. Created the 'booze-hound' and 'rumpig'. Often sold as 'Bundy O.P'(Over-Proof - 60% alcohol). Commonly comes in 375ml, 700ml and 1.25ml bottles straight, or in 'rum and cola' cans.
"Pricey, the rumpig, drinks his 'Bundy O.P' straight and wrapped in a brown paper bag."
by Diego September 04, 2003
To steal a worthless item
Hey man, don't bundy that book!
by Alex Haladay January 21, 2004
Generally involving the running away from something.
Both a verb and exclamation for while you are running away.
"Shit! The police! Quick, everyone bundy!" (verb)
"Shit! The police! BUUUNNNDDDYYY!!!" (exclamation)
by Lawry October 15, 2006
Bundaberg. A brand of alcohol.
Hey Robbo, chuck us another Bundy, will ya?
by Rollo47 July 11, 2003

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