The act of hitting, tripping, knocking down, racking etc... someone either in motion or at a stand still. Hilarity ensues after watching the person get hurt.
I saw some dude bundle himself down a flight of stairs.
by Fitz April 09, 2003
A man's genitals, cock n balls.
Aw, she just kicked him in his bundle.
by ibripped July 11, 2011
An activity done in bed that only Chris and Kali do.
Sean is extremely jealous that Kali only bundles with Chris.
by Kalilovesmemore September 29, 2011
Any amount of "packs" are combined to make a bundle.Usual pack sizes for workers are $130 packs, $160 packs, $500 packs, and G packs($1,000 packs)
I'm going to toss you a bundle. I only want $500 back.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
Steaming great pile of man loving.
"Coming over tonight for pizza and a bundle?"
"FO, im not into that kinda thing!"
by some-guy March 14, 2004
anywhere between seventeen and a half and twenty-three and a quarter (and a smidge)
I had a bundle of raviolis for dinner.
by mattybear28 November 16, 2009
Come on, you've all done this. Someone shouts "bundle!" and then everyone proceeds to jump on top of each other, until you're left with a big teetering pile of person, normally with one unlucky bugger at the very bottom.
"Look, there's that lamer Gordon... bundle!!"
by Rich P August 23, 2005
Term used to refer to a collective group of teenage girls.

(plural form of scuttler)
"When I was working in the store, a nice bundle of scuttlers came in.
by Richard and Darrel Greaney January 18, 2004

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