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In the same way that a 'trickster' likes playing tricks, a 'bumster' likes bum
"He's a bum-lovin bumster'
by Tom April 21, 2005
8 22
The trashy, lowerslung cousin of the hipster pant, favoured by female fashion victims, often those born without the ability to realistically determine their size. Although there is no agreed max-min amount of bumcrack to be shown, a visable 'brickies grin' is a key factor in determining whether the pant is a member of the bumster family.
OMFG. I'm loving myself sick in these bumsters.
by Elise Watson February 10, 2006
24 10
A homeless person who lives primarily in Dumpsters, especially in the Champaign/Urbana area.
We would always get to see the bumsters whenever we went to a U of I game.
by livesathome February 06, 2009
19 6
1. One who sponges off others and avoids work
2. One who devotes his time to a recreational activity
3. A male prostitute
The bumsters will solicit their time in exchage for cigarettes, beer or cash.
by Steven Kippel May 18, 2006
12 20