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farting on a girls tongue while she gives you a rim job.
when your girls gives you a rim job and you fart you have now given her a bumper.
by ur mommy December 16, 2006
a booty, typically female
pull up to my bumper
by fizzle March 24, 2004
A small device for dispensing doses of cocaine or crank.
Yo man, lemme see that bumper, I need to get my ass lifted.
by jimmy April 30, 2003
A kiss ass party classified by a small group of awesomely intoxicated college or high school students. Normally employing loud music, innumerable amounts of alcohol, and the possible, yet probable use of marijuana. ( A small rager).
Hey, we're having a bumper at my house tonight, bring your shit.
by bumpasumpa January 17, 2011
A 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor.
Pick me up a bumper of Micky's from the store.
by Nick Sangia March 26, 2003
(London UK black Slang) A woman with realy petruding curves, ie: Enormouse tits and/or giant round arse. My type of woman.
I would love to bone Sherell! She's BUMPER man!
by Kilo Lobo June 14, 2003
A stupid, incompetent person. Somebody who is totally uncomprehending and unaware of basic requirements in a range of social contexts. Also, somebody who is incapable of performing routine tasks.

Used in parts of Australia as a noun ("You're a bumper, mate!") and occasionally as an adjective, e.g "He supports a bumper football team."
"That bloke is useless, He's a total bumper!"

"He's too much of a bumper to ever work that out!"

"Only a bumper wouldn't be able to do that."

"That's a bumper thing to do!"
by Jay De July 19, 2009
The indigenous Australian (Aboriginal) word for a discarded cigarette end that contains enough tobacco to be lit and enhaled.
"Ehhhh Cuz, gudda bumper, bruz?"

"Carn Cuz, gis ya bumper--- Darnt put it out in the bin, bruss, garn hafta gettim out cuz. Carn gissa bumper bruz?"
by Rock The Boat August 29, 2009