This word is posted to a topic tread if the poster wants to re-call attention to the thread.
Most regular forum users typically hit "new posts" to read new posts since their last visit, so an old topic will be lost to these readers. Bumping a topic is essentially "bumping" it back into view for most readers.
by mackaroon May 18, 2005
Hype or crazy.
That party was so bump! People was dubin like crazy!

by MaiDizzle January 24, 2009
A small dosage of cocaine, or other drug that can be insufflated.
Let me get a bump of that powder.
by joe567 September 11, 2007
A pregnant woman's growing abdomen
It seemed that her bump grew bigger by the minute in the last days of her pregnancy.
by circlesquarer June 20, 2006
A hand signal exchanged between friends in which they each bump each other's fists thumb-side up. Many friendly people have this worked into a set handshake that may also include a hand slide or other sophisticated hand greeting.
Homeboys bump it when they kick it.
by T Hizzle April 22, 2005
A FREE line of coke. (If you have coke, and someone asks you for some, they're asking for it for free. Of course, if a friend offers one, well, then, that's a whole 'nother story...)
Can I get a bump? --OR-- Wanna a bump?
by Family February 12, 2005
To play your music ridiculously loud
Bump it!
by anon June 10, 2004
1. To kill someone
2. To accidentally hit something
1. "I'm sure I bumped him off last year"
2. "I bumped into that table when I wasn't looking and now I need to wear this eye patch"
by Brendan November 11, 2003

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