This word is posted to a topic tread if the poster wants to re-call attention to the thread.
Most regular forum users typically hit "new posts" to read new posts since their last visit, so an old topic will be lost to these readers. Bumping a topic is essentially "bumping" it back into view for most readers.
by mackaroon May 18, 2005
Synonym for cool
"Dude, that is so bump!"
"That dress is bump!"

NOT: "tomorrow will be 18, cloudy and bump"
by Bumpdis March 05, 2012
To insert one testicle into a vagina for no more than approximately two seconds. Usually a spontaneous act, can be a surprise to either/both involved, and can occur by complete accident.
Sid "Vicious" (or Patrick) Crosby: They calling me an alien, a big headed astronaut.

Michael "Bolton" Kovach: Eff those Flyer fans, that does not even make sense as a put down. Why would they even say that?

Sid: Maybe it's because your boy easy get ass a lot. To the tune of 87 women so far.

Mike: That's malarkey. I find your approach (to women) so adolescent -- I may look young but your game is prepubescent.

Sid: It's give or take, and sometimes I switch back to the old recipe. How many girls you slept with?

Mike: 5.5.

Sid: I am disappoint. And what the hell is a half point?

Mike: I bumped a girl once. I figured it was just a few seconds and just a ball so I can't count it as a full point.

Sid: Redic.
by modenapsu May 24, 2011
To snort cocaine or get into a fist fight.
Ex: 1- Yo bruh, hit a bump with me real quick.

Ex: 2- Yo nigguh, let's bump!
by TheRyanaterr June 30, 2009
1. To give "props"(usually in terms of graffiti art)
1. Yo that graff piece Manny did is hella raw. I bump that

other guy: BUMP BUMP BUMP!

first guy: dude stfu.
by Chris st. October 02, 2005
forget it; leave something alone
me- yo, lemme find ma dmx cd right quick

you- naw, man. bump that, lets roll up outta this piece. c'mon
by ms.diva October 05, 2003
To put drugs (like meth) in your vein using a syringe.
This shit, is wearing off I could use a bump.
by i riot November 01, 2014
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