This word is posted to a topic tread if the poster wants to re-call attention to the thread.
Most regular forum users typically hit "new posts" to read new posts since their last visit, so an old topic will be lost to these readers. Bumping a topic is essentially "bumping" it back into view for most readers.
by mackaroon May 18, 2005
speakers, subs, woofers (sometimes with bad quality)
Guffey: "Hey u guys! check out muh bumps."
by Guffey December 25, 2003

The word 'bump' is often used in a forum to get more views, or in Gaia Online, to get more gold. Bumping is also a useful way to get more views in a support forum and to get more gold in Gaia Online.

Sometimes, bumps aren't allowed and you can get suspended/banned for spamming.
HonorOfTehNinja: bump

*TehPro banned HonorOfTehNinja*

(Reason: Spamming. This isn't Gaia Online, you know)
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
A small lump of any powdered drug (i.e. cocaine, ketamine, heroin).
I'm gonna take this bump to the dome right quick and get to feeling good.
by RibbleTrib December 13, 2007
A sexual term referring to having intercourse.
Kaleigh: "Hey Dianne! Jason and I bumped all last night!"

Dianne: "That's great. I am going to go feed some cows hamburgers now."
by fondledonionrings October 08, 2010
A small portion of cocaine. Usually offered on a key or a pen cap lid that has a long lip, or any other instrument that can hold aforementioned portion of cocaine. Can also be used in reference to methampthetamine, though more often with cocaine. Also referred to, when using a key as a key-bump. Most often, a bump is something requested and passed between friends at bars or cantinas, and then done in a restroom stall after the go-ahead is ok'd.
Partier #1: 'Yo, man, you got another bump from that 20 bag for me? I'll buy you a beer or something later.
Partier #2: 'It's the last time, asshole, you told me you'd buy me a beer for the last bump, dick.'
Partier #1: 'Hurry up and give me one, fuck-tard, before someone walks into the fuckin' bathroom. Shitty coke anyways, dick!
by coozehound72 August 18, 2010
boobs, breasts, tits.
She has some nice bumps!
by Janice Depp October 29, 2006
v. (1) to play bass-heavy music at a disturbingly high volume; (2) to play bass-heavy music at a pleasantly high volume
(1) "Goshdarnit, Mildred, those young punks shattered our front window again. I hate it when they bump." (2) "I bump wit' mah 15s, fo' shizzle."
by sliggles April 17, 2003

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