This word is posted to a topic tread if the poster wants to re-call attention to the thread.
Most regular forum users typically hit "new posts" to read new posts since their last visit, so an old topic will be lost to these readers. Bumping a topic is essentially "bumping" it back into view for most readers.
by mackaroon May 18, 2005
To ask someone of legal drinking age to buy you alcohol.
Jeremy: Yo, dude lets go bump some shady motherfuckers.
Brandon: For sure man I want to get shit-faced.
by J-Rabbit February 15, 2009
1. A large amount of money.

2. A stack or roll of pocket money.
I ain't that baby's daddy. That bitch is just tryin' to get my bump!
by S. Legacy March 06, 2007
Glaswegian slang that means to steal, nick, take something without permission
I bumped a cd the other day
by Stephen McLeod December 04, 2003
to turn up the volume
bump that track nigga...
by Jon LP September 23, 2003
A term used to desribe a woman with a nice butt.
Man, she has a big ole bump on her.
by junior3371 May 24, 2006
send an alert to someone's walkie-talkie phone (Nextel, etc.) that you want to talk.
bump me on the Nextel after you get to work and we'll talk about...
by digby September 11, 2004
the act of snorting ketamine.
Yo who wantz to take the next bump of this shit??
by oh fo sheeeeeeeeeeeeeezy August 07, 2003

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