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A bum nigga is an uneducated, broke male. When writing/texting he uses a lot of ghetto slang. He cannot get a real job mostly because of the lack of education and the fact that he thinks hes going to become a rapper. A bum nigga is a guy that for a living does some kind of illegal work but isn't making more than 40k a year. He is the type of guy that does not know how to respect a woman and only sees them as "bitches". A bum nigga is unintelligent, low minded, careless and has a weak mentality. All bum niggas think they are the hardest niggas around and come from a hood. Bum niggas be 20+ but still acting like little boys, they're not men.
*Gets hands on money*

takes pictures of it puts it all over social media acting like he is balling.

-A real baller does not need to flaunt his money to anyone but himself only a broke bum nigga has something to prove.-
by getitgotitgood August 05, 2013

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A lazy non workin person who does nothing but feen on stuff with no money.
Yo!, look theres dat "bumnigga" over there feenin on some weed!
by vinshady January 11, 2006