n. Money earned from bummin. Often this money is spent on foodstuffs such as microwave burritos and nachos.
Hey man I got a mash of bummins from those hot chicks over there.
by rex ingeniosum November 18, 2003
Random, but not in a deliberate manner. Occasionally, an obscene amount of bummin can be classified as dominant.
Check out the bummin dude with the hawaiian shirt and the cowboy boots.
by N. Papagiorgio July 17, 2006
When someone displays bum-like qualities.
Taylor: That guy just stole some free samples.

Bill: Ya, he's bummin'.
by Dranard January 29, 2011
To do someone from behind "Doggy STyle"
I wanna be bummin fergie
by LilJOnwhattt: July 19, 2005
To do someone from behind "Doggy Style"
or want to do someone Doggy Style
I want to be bummin Fergie or someone of equal looks
by LilJOnwhattt: July 19, 2005
To have sex with a Woman or a Man
Man 1: "you coming to the pub tonight ?"

Man 2: " No mate but i'm bummin the Mrs tonight."
by Chris Bates December 01, 2004

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