Jamaican equivelant of "what the fuck"
What de Bumboclaat mek u drink all me rum.
by Roy December 17, 2003
Quite simply, bumboclaat means toilet paper. Bumbo means bottom, claat is the Jamaican pronounciation of cloth. Very mild swear word, but in Jamaica, where swearing is a very serious thing, a few 'rebels' managed to get away with bumboclaat...and it caught on.

Used for emphasis or exclamation mainly:
Dat bumboclaat policebwoy arrest mi fi nutt'n!

A weh di bumboclaat wrong wid yuh?

Bumboclaat, she have a big bloodclaat batty
by Element February 22, 2004
(noun or adjective)
1. a jamaican expletive. Literally "bottom cloth", a term used to describe the cloth used by women to soak up the blood during their menstrual cycle before pads were commercially available.
The boy fell of his bicycle after being forced off the road by a car. Upon falling he exclaimed, "Bumboclaat!!!!!"
by neochin June 17, 2004
jamaican curse word use on a daily basis to show frustration or to be disrespectful, it can be use instead of "fuck"
cho bum bo claat, dat n00b jus kill mi pon halo. mi ago kill him bum bo claat back watch.
by acktar May 07, 2008
look up bloodclaat. The prefix bumbo to claat just emphasizes the word.
Walk and live!
Talk an youre bumboclaat dead.
by Prince J September 28, 2003
It is a word driven from the jamaican dialect meaning; fuck,shit or anyword like that.it can be used as in adjective or noun
1.weh di bumboclaat do you.
2.yu ugly no bumboclaat.
by Marc Reid March 03, 2005
Basically bumbo is just a jamaican form of fuck, it can be used in almost as many situtions and can be put in front of another, usually random, word to add a little variety
a weh di bumbo foot dem a do wit dat spliff in dem truck?!
by ManOfTheDiaspora May 08, 2005
Jamaican, english equivalent of "motherfucker". Can be used derogitvely or not, depending on the situation.
"He's the roughest bumboclaat in all of Jamaica"
by Dan ::thekino:: May 01, 2003

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