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The Combination of the phrase/name Butthole and Bimbo to refer to someone with a lack of socail finesse and who is not a plesant person to be around.
Generally used by hikers and other outdoor friendly people.
"Stop being such a Bumbo!"

"I can't stand that Bumbo!"
by Jamal Hazard October 17, 2006
10 17
A term used to describe a middle-aged to elderly man whose sole purpose is to make an ass of himself and not feel guilty about it.
That bumbo got rolled three times before he'd taken a taxi home from the bar.
by movo January 25, 2008
18 11
The male alternative to bimbo. Usually a lazy boyfriend that doesn't work very often if at all. A couch potato. A man that uses women for food, shelter, and clothing. A moocher.
She does all the work and cooks too...he does nothing he's such a bumbo.
Mom told me I should've never married that bumbo.
by thedzone October 13, 2009
5 5
A person who is an airhead,spaced out,could care less about anything
Ill tell you what, stan sure is a bumbob
by Bajohnson December 13, 2010
3 5
A Bum who's a Dumbo - Bumbo
You are such a lil BUMBO!!!
by Chigz Kot September 29, 2006
7 14