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a racist word for a bumble bee
get the hell outta here u stupid bumblefuck!
by squilliam fancyson May 04, 2008
The middle of nowhere. A place where bumbles go to fuck.
She's a nice chick but I can never see her cause she lives so far out in bumblefuck.
by cessena November 13, 2003
to be clumsy or foolish to an extent of stupidity.

sentance: Dude Jerry is such a BumbleFuck he got me detention.

for many idiots it is BumbleFuckers
by Steel farts October 27, 2006
What bees do when they can't find any birds.
I was watching a cricket match, and I saw 2 bees gettin it on. word
by OneArmedScissor March 30, 2004
Bumblefuck = idiot, dumbass, etc etc etc

Bumfuck = in the middle of nowhere
"You are a useless bumblefuck"
by Joe Shmoe from Idaho February 27, 2004
Bumblefuck is a person who by way of word or action misrepresents the outstanding level of intelligence/professionalism of his fellow workers through ineptitude, ignorance or stupidity.

In order to prevent bumblefucking, use the spell check feature before sending an email.
Bumblefuck asked,"we'z all like to have yuz hep us out with a problem hear, so can i speek to someone who can hep me with this thimajig or it'a gunna stop a workin?" (Should have used spell check)

Bumblefuck McCord wrote a letter to city council. Now we all looked somewhat retarded.
by Medicman October 21, 2005
Jamaican for a gay guy's bitch.
Ey mon! Keep on lickin Herman's grundle or me will stop feedin you that primest love juice you bumblefuck.
by Shvarts April 09, 2007